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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some of my quilts

I lied, this actually isn't really my quilt....I did quilt it, but my daughter's mother-in-law - Michelle - pieced the top and sent it to me to quilt it.  Since it's for my daughter it kind of feels like my quilt :)  There are two of these, for twin beds, and also a crib quilt that matches.  They hope to start taking in foster children soon, and these quilts will be for the beds for these future children.  It's going to be a very happy room!

I always take along some kind of hand work when we go on car road trips, sometimes it's applique. That's where these elephants came from.  I have quite a collection of quilt squares that I never get around to doing anything with, one week I just pulled some fabric out, made a few baby quilts and took them over to the hospital gift shop to see if they would sell.  Just learned this morning that two of them did!  I also had a darling sunbonnet sue quilt that I guess I neglected to take a photo of (darn!) 

These last two quilts are just fun baby quilts from randomly textured fabric squares.  I really like the look of these types of quilts, something about them just makes me happy :)  I'll probably run these over to the hospital soon and see if my luck holds again. 

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