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Saturday, March 31, 2012

13 Quilts

This first quilt is by Peggy.  She bought the fun center block fabrics on a trip to some foreign country (I neglected to write down where - but it was some place in Europe.)  Rather than cut them up into little pieces she left the fabric pieces large, a good call because now you can see the flavor of the fabric much better.  What a terrific memory from a fun trip.  I  used "Fascination" as the all-over quilting design.
Agnes, one of my prolific quilters, made this next quilt.  I love this quilt - what a great design for using up scraps!  I just noticed that I used "Fascination" on this one as well .... interesting - I have so many different design patterns that it's rare I use the same pattern so closely together :)
The next 5 quilts were made by Diane Freston - a new customer that has kept me busy! 
Diane wanted hearts on this quilt...I have a beautiful panto with hearts in it...but it's kind of hard to tell they are hearts (was kind of disappointed when I realized that.)  So when she really wanted the hearts to show, I designed this all over design myself.  Think it fills the bill. 

These next two are the same pattern but different fabrics.  Diane actually taught the technique for making this quilt at our local guild meeting this past month.

""Scalloped Grass" design

""Bayside" design
This is a fun one.  Look at those funky chickens!  Diane had requested all over quilting, but with this one having the little picot points before the outside border, I had to treat the border as custom - but did do the inside as an all-over. 

Here is the backing - if you look close (maybe the next picture shows it better) you hopefully can see that I duplicated the little chickens from the front of the quilt.  I DO NOT have a computerized system on my LA (I wish - maybe sometime in the future!)  so I had to draw these out myself and hand guide my machine - like I do all my quilting.  Luckily I am artistic and have that ability. 

"Chantilly Lace" design
Sweet little girls baby blanket by Gina.  "Popcorn" quilting design.

The local quilt store had me pick this up from one of their customers, so I don't know the name of who made this one.  Isn't it pretty :)  "Scalloped Grass quilting pattern....again another one I've used more than once this month.  I bought a number of new patterns the end of last year especially for male themed quilts...I needed to fill a gap in my design collection and make sure I had options for non-girly quilts, they have been useful already!

My pictures here are out of order, sorry.  These next two quilts are by Louise - another one of my best customers who is one of our area's well know quilters.  If you get an opportunity to take a quilting class from Louse, do it!  Louise is well known for her love of pink and green quilts, so these are out of her norm - but the local fabric store requested she make some quilts out of their fabric lines to sell in the store, and these are two of them.  Fun fabrics!  I used "Knots and Loops" for the quilting design.

Since these fabrics were full of ladybugs, dragonflies, bees and flowers, I designed a pantograph with ladybugs, dragonflies, bees  and flowers in it!

This next one is one I made for our ward at church.  One of our R.S. Presidency gave me some quite "interesting" fabric someone had donated to be used in a quilt.  Our ward needed another quilt for their closet, so they delegated the job to me.  I used the donated fabric for the backing and used a pattern I had to make this 'I Spy' type quilt  It isn't a lovely thing, but fun enough that hopefully some child in need will enjoy it.  Looks like I neglected to turn the picture back when I should have, won't turn for me now.
"Popcorn" panto pattern.

Baby quilts are being so unique these days - I'm always impressed with what the young, upcoming quilters turn out.  This is by Tenisha, and it's only her 2nd quilt....I believe I posted her first one in my last posting of quilts.  I used "Water World" as the quilt design....all the curves and swirls seemed to compliment the straight lines in the quilt.