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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last two quilts of the year

I'm in the process of downloading a kazillion pictures off my camera onto the computer, and found the last two quilts I finished up before christmas.....which will have me all caught up for 2011!

This first quilt was an unbelieveably detailed quilt that was paper pieced by Vicki.  She made it up using various other quilt patterns, and kind of "mashed" them together (using a musical term).  She had been working on it most of the year and was sick of it - been there myself!  But what a beautiful result.

sorry, these little stockings kind of jumped into here - they were supposed to be at the top.  I have a customer's husband who calls each Christmas and buys his wife a gift certificate for her for quilting services.  I try to come up with some fun little thing to put the certificate into each year, this is what I made this time around.
Back of Vicki's quilt
I thought I was all done, and a cute little gal called asking if I could possibly quilt an easy baby quilt before Christmas....ooookkkaayyyy.  Luckily it was simple, and she was happy :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

20 quilts

My gosh, I was surprised how many quilts I was behind on posting about...I thought my last posting of 13 quilts was a lot!  Well, here we go:
These first 3 quilts are Devonna's

This Bear Claw is a custom quilting job that I think turned out really nicely.
Four quilts by Sarah:
Because of all the pictures I had to post this time I didn't include many close ups, especially if it was an all-over design, so if you want to see the quilting design better, click on the photo and it will enlarge it for better viewing. 
A cute quilt by Gloria:
A custom quilting job for Agnes:
the back - almost looks like a panto pattern, but it's not.
2 quilts by Nancy:
this first is a semi-custom job that was fun.  Panto of elk, deer and bears in the center - then custom words sewn into the first border, and custom leaves on the last border.

A sweet little baby quilt by a secret quilter :)
This next quilt was a whole cloth that was pieced together by a college guy (good for him!)  He's a friend of my son and was finding it very expensive trying to get it quilted in Provo.  Blake said he thought I would cut him a deal and help him out - which I did.
The next one is a  unique quilt that I refer to as the "Beer Quilt". The center monogrammed squares are off of beer bottles (that came wrapped in fabric?  don't ask me!)  The woman who pieced it made it for a family member and she herself doesn't drink.  She said it took her two years, asking every drunk she knew, to save these monogrammed fabric pieces for her.  It was kind of cute, she was almost embarrassed to ask me to quilt it - kept saying that I might not want to do it!  It's a beautiful quilt and I had no issues with quilting it for her :)
These last 6 quilts were made by me for a friend who lost her husband 2 years ago.  She asked me if I would make her a memory quilt out of his shirts for her -- I told her she might as well bring me enough shirts that I could make one for each of her 5 kids as well - so here they are.  I really had to push to get them finished by Christmas, but I made it. 
this one had a bunch of pockets off the shirts:
She realized I was having problems keeping up with my work load, and said she'd like to finish the hand binding on the ones I hadn't already done.  So 2 of the pictures here have the final binding finished, but the other 4 I managed to get it sewn on for her - then she'll finish the hand stitching part.  Handed them over to her this past weekend.  I'd like to be a fly on the wall Christmas day to see these given to her children :)