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Sunday, September 30, 2012


 A beautiful sampler by Ruby.  There was a quilting class on sampler blocks here locally, and I've gotten several of these in recently to quilt.  I enjoy doing them, but they sure take a lot of time since each block has to be designed individually.  I'll just share some of the blocks.

 Sashing.  I'm pretty good at ribbon candy now!!!!

10 Quilts

 A very large, custom quilt by Ruby. 

 Fun puzzle baby quilt by Carry.
 Sweet baby quilt put together by Agnes.  (Her friend made the blocks while going through cancer treatments, and has passed away.  Agnes assembled the blocks into a baby quilt to be given to a niece who just had a baby.)  Almost every quilt has a story....I rarely share them since they aren't my stories to tell, but thought I would on this one.
 Below, a fun baby quilt by Nancy.
 Two Turning 20's quilts, also by Nancy.

 This is a two sided minkee quilt for my new little granddaughter who is due next month.  I had a really beautiful quilt pattern all picked out to just isn't going to happen.  I rarely have time to piece quilts myself these days, so I just resorted to doing the minkee route.  I have another one almost done, hope it's finished by the time the baby comes! 
 Another nice Turning 20s quilt, this one by Carry.

 A fun and unique baby quilt by Chris

 Chris also brought this quilt in that she'd bought at a boutique....but it hadn't been quilted in the center, so I did that for her.