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Sunday, July 29, 2012

6 quilts

 Very soft baby quilt by Lynette.  She brought a photo of this same quilt that was quilted with circles all over it that she wanted me to do something similar.  Since I prefer to use pantos for E2E on an entire quite rather than freehand (I just think the look is better in the end...more uniform) I needed to buy a new pattern.  I think it's called Curly circles or something like that.  It's cute.
 This is a fund raising quilt by Lori, so I donated the quilting.  These are blocks that were donated the previous year to the Utah State Quilt Assn. for cancer research.  The blocks are voted on the first year, then made into quilts the second year, and auctioned off.  There are several ladies in our guild who participate in this each year so I usually get to quilt a few of them. 

 Another fund raising quilt by Barbette.  I don't remember the cause this one is for.  She makes the same quilt each year for this charity and so I try to come up with a different way to quilt it each time.  She always uses different fabrics, so each year the quilt has a different feel.

 This next one is by Brenda.  She was actually my 2nd paying customer when I first started to quilt for other people!  Her quilts are always so nicely done. 

This quilt is by Tracy.  I've gotten a number of these cuddly minkee-on-both-sides quilts.  I made a bunch for the local fabric store a few months back and those have been out on display - so I'm guessing that has spurred people to make their own.  (Make is a relative term....some times the tops come in pieced like this one, sometimes it's just two big pieces of fabric.  They pay me to envelope the quilts and then quilt them.)  Everyone has asked to just have a meandering stitch, so they work up quite quickly.  It's been great!  
 This last one is by Inez.  Again, a minkee fabric on both sides.  This time I was asked to make a pillow case to match it as well - how cozy would that be!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Two customer's quilts

 Agnes's quilt.  She brought me a photo of how she wanted this
quilted....I really like it, so striking with the feathers and the straight lines.  
I'm REALLY good at this type of feather now after all this practicing!

 Isn't this a neat looking quilt?  I really like it.  There's a story here, though.  Even though
the piecer did a fantastic job of making all those points meet beautifully, there was a lot of bulk on the back
where all that fabric came together.  (I've since learned there's a method to keep that from happening -
I need to study up on that for my own piecing skill improvement).  The customer asked for an all-over
panto design, but every time my needle and hopping foot hit those bulky area, it would bounce around it,
totally messing up the design of the quilting.  After 4 rows of trying to make it work, I finally gave up and
spent 1 1/2 weeks (3-4 hours every evening) unpicking everything I'd quilted.  (Groan!)
 I ended up designing this light custom so I could completely avoid those bulky areas.
Worked much better - and I think it's a much more striking quilting
choice for this quilt.
I just learned that this block is called "Crossed Canoes".