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Monday, May 20, 2013

4 quilts

All four of these quilts came in from Sheri, so I decided to put them all here at the same time, since I am trying to catch up on all my paperwork.  This first one is a high school graduation gift for a nephew.  She wanted to make sure it came across as masculine yet keep it low end in the quilting price.

Another graduation gift, for a girl this time.  I've been amazed at how many graduation quilts I've had come in this's been a first for me to have such a graduation rush!  Love it :)

 Isn't this a pretty quilt.  Sheri requested a swirly background fill. 

And a baby quilt...panel.  Sheri's mom made this one and sent it to me through her.  She just wanted simple outlining...again trying to keep it inexpensive.  Had to put a little bit more here and there to fill in areas that were too large to leave unquilted.   I'm beginning to get a number of quilts in from outside of our area that people are sending through family and friends who I've quilted for in the past.  I so appreciate my customers recommending me to people they know who also quilt - that's the best sort of advertising.

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