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Friday, May 17, 2013

Scrappy quilt

How would you quilt this?  Initially it looks like you have blocks on point -- but when you really try and figure out where the blocks start and stop....they don't!  I ended up taking this photo with me to HMQS to hopefully find an idea of what to do with it!
Here is what I ended up doing!
I finally had to locate where the initial blocks met up and mark those areas with safety pins and then with my quilting actually create the definition of blocks.

Agnes likes puffy quilts so it's always fluffy polyester batting for her quilts, the puffier the better, which sometimes creates problems with pleating -- I really have to watch it.  She doesn't like too much quilting, and she likes quilting designs to center within areas (so usually pantos don't work well for her quilts because the designs will just end up where ever!)  I have to keep myself reigned back to not over quilt for her. 

Quilting shows up really great on the back of this one.

This is a great design for using up scraps...I need to make about a dozen of these :)


  1. Wow, I really like what you did on this quilt. It really dresses it up.

  2. PS: I love this quilt, too. The colors are wonderful.