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Saturday, November 17, 2012

One Beautiful Quilt

 A fantastically beautiful quilt by Lynn.  I actually researched this quilt, tried to find how others had quilted it, and I wasn't at all impressed with what I was finding.  I completely love what I designed (is that conceited?) If I had time to make one of these for myself I would, what a beautiful heirloom to own.

 Lynn also sent me a table runner to quilt as a companion piece to the quilt. 
Hope you love this, Lynn!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Custom Quilting (11 quilts)


This first quilt is by Linzi...a first time quilter.  She had some definite ideas on how she wanted it quilted...hopefully I got it right (she's picking it up tomorrow)!
 These next 6 pictures are actually 3 different quilts; 2 by Sue and 1 by Brenda. This was from a group block exchange and I also have a set of these pumpkin blocks, but heaven only knows when I'll get them sewn together into a quilt. Sue had the first 2 quilts and I quilted each of them differently.  Brenda left it up to me on how to quilt hers (which the vast majority of my customers do), and I liked the 2nd quilt of Sue's the best, so I used that quilting design on Brenda's as well.  

 Two fun witch quilts, the purple one by Lori and the orange one by Sue. 

 Another sampler quilt from a local class. I neglected to get a photo of the entire quilt....just a few of the blocks.  It was a very pretty quilt.

 Another fun Halloween quilt, this one by Louise.

 A beautiful wall sampler quilt by Louise.  She will be teaching this quilt at our local fabric store.

 Another sampler quilt, this one by Carry.

 And the final quilt for this posting, Tom Turkey, by Lori.

 For fun I quilted Thanksgiving related words in the orange border.

Edge - to - edge quilting

 I've recently had several inquiries from people wanting to know where they could go to see photos of my quilting.  I gave them this blog's address, but got to thinking what a mish mash it was of my work.  In an effort to put some sort of organization  into it, I'm going to try and group E2E quilts in separate posts from my custom work, then I can tag them into separate labels.  Thus hopefully making it easier for someone to find the kind of quilting they might be interested in and see samples of my quilting in that category.  I've only had 3 'all-over' quilts in this last group, so here they are. 

The above quilt belongs to Agnes and was quilted with "Surf's Up" pantograph.
The next quilt is Vicki's and I used the "Leaf Pile" panto.
 The third and last quilt is from Carry, and has the "Popcorn" panto pattern.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


 A beautiful sampler by Ruby.  There was a quilting class on sampler blocks here locally, and I've gotten several of these in recently to quilt.  I enjoy doing them, but they sure take a lot of time since each block has to be designed individually.  I'll just share some of the blocks.

 Sashing.  I'm pretty good at ribbon candy now!!!!