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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Here's yet another of the quilts from the family that found a stash made by their great grandmother (11 down, 9 to go.)

The back - turned out pretty.

Two quilts by another customer. She asked me to envelope this one for her before quilting. The next quilt pictured she already had enveloped. Quilts that are finished off this way previous to quilting are a tad tricky since you have to pin and clamp onto the longarm right on the quilt, no excess bottom fabric to use- it's difficult if not a bit impossible to stitch right to the edge. The quilter has to be a little creative and very careful.

This one had no batting in it, and the top was so busy and the bottom so furry that you can't even see the quilting :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


My niece, Janssen, just helped me figure out how to label my blog posts - really very easy, but could I figure it out - nope. (Look on my side bar and you'll notice how all my posts are now organized!) Anyway, in the process of doing that I realized that when I started posting my monthly decorations I started last Feb, and hadn't put my January ones on here. So here they are - I still haven't made table decorations for June, hopefully that will happen before I go into a nursing home!

Here's the customer quilt I've worked on this week - another large custom, so it's the only one I was able to finish this week.

Friday, January 15, 2010


For anyone who has wondered if I'm still quilting - yes I am. I actually worked all week on this beauty. It's been a few months since I've had a large, higher-end custom job and I've really enjoyed it. This was pieced by Louise, and as usual - it's a very pretty, well made top. Pretend like you don't notice that my Christmas tree is STILL up.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Here starts the quilting for the new year. After taking 2 weeks off (one to get those fabric play houses made, and then one when we were in Idaho) I'm eager to get back to my longarm. I was surprised last year that January was a busy month for customer quilts - I would have thought it would be slow after Christmas and all, but it wasn't. I'm already starting off with a pile of quilts that some of my wonderful customers said I could set aside until after Christmas because they weren't in a hurry for them (which let me finish quilts for those who needed them for Christmas!) I do have the best customers - people really are so nice. I had two new quilts delivered to me yesterday, so things are starting off well :) Here is another from that family heirloom collection I've been working on since Fall. I was told this one is called "Sunshine and Shadows". Out of 19 of those quilts this is the 9th one, so I'm half way through. I'm glad they've been willing to just let me slowly work through them, which makes it possible to bounce back and forth between their quilts and other customer's quilts - thus keeping everyone happy!
Used the panto "Surf's Up" on it.
This next one is another heirloom quilt - polyester, so I had to custom it with a guide again to keep it from moving on me under the needle.

Here is a cute little baby quilt for a first time quilter. I've probably had 8 or so people in the past year who have said the quilt they brought me was their first one. Many of these were young gals in their 20s, so it's nice to see that the art doesn't appear to be dying out!

She asked me to sew the baby's name "Tate" in the center bottom block. Fun when quilts are personalized like this. I did a loopy meander with stars.