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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3 quilts

May I just mention, again, that I hate computers :)  Froze up on me while loading the pictures and when I resumed, it put them all out of order.  (I hate cars too, but since I don't want to be without either, I'll just deal with it.) 
Here are a portion of the blocks from Louise's quilt (the rest are scattered later in the post).  This quilt just screamed to be quilted this's a bit of work, but I really enjoyed it.

Crystal's quilt
I really like how the border turned out.
Connie's quilt
the rest of Louise's quilt

Sunday, August 14, 2011

5 quilts

A custom treatment on a quilt by Crystal.

And here's 4 more quilts for grand kids from Sarah.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My creations

This does happen once in a while - I actually make something myself.  My niece, Landen, was married yesterday (it was completely wonderful and lovely) and I said I'd make her a quilt - she asked for something in black and white.  I didn't have a lot of time to get one done and I ran across this pattern.  It was originally a scrappy quilt with many colors, but I thought it might look really awesome in B&W.  I love it!  I would like to make another one, it was quite fun to put together. 

My next creation is a shelving unit to put on top of one of my sewing tables.  I had all kinds of junk piling up there, unorganized, drove me nuts -- and there was more stuff I was wanting in handier reach when I'm working there.  A shelf of some kind was an obvious solution.  Thought I might have to build one myself to get what I wanted....but then had a little flash of inspiration to check out D.I. to see if there was something cheap there that would work.  Ta-da, the head board of a waterbed!
 It's perfect - completely love it!  Think I'll add another shelf in the middle of that center section, then it'll be finished.  Much easier than building one from scratch and it completely meets my needs :)