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Friday, April 30, 2010

Lone Star and Doggie quilt

Here is the last of those 20 heirloom family quilts that were given to me to quilt. This family has patiently waited for me to do all of these, and now they can have their party - where I understand the quilts will be distributed.

Sue brought me four of these cute doggie baby quilts - she needed one done up here quickly and the other three I have a bit more time to get to. I took a number of pictures so I could remember how I did this first one when I'm ready to load the other three!

I needed to stitch down some pieces that were adhered with wonder-under. My husband was kind enough to point out a place where my stitching had wobbled a little bit, if he had any idea how tricky it is to keep a straight and even stitch when going around something with a longarm machine!!

Notice the sun and cloud in the sky, and the shingles on the roof.

She just wanted some easy all-over treatment on the borders.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunbonnet Sue & table runner

An antique Sunbonnet Sue quilt - from that heirloom collection I've been working on - (only one more to go!)
Whoops -thought I got them all turned - guess not, oh well - you get the idea.
A fun summer table runner by Tauni.

Used "Leaf Pile" panto pattern.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 Panto Quilts

My last 3 customer quilts have been pantos, which is kind of unusual for me - I'd say 75% of what I do is custom. Here is another from that family's collection of 20 that they brought me last fall! I just learned they are waiting for me to finish them all so they can have a 60th (?) wedding anniversary for the grandmother (who found all these tops that were done by HER mother) where the quilts will be distributed to family members. I only had 4 more to go - two are here, one is on my machine now almost done! I've had to bounce back and forth between their quilts and other customer's in order to keep everyone happy.
Chantilly Lace panto

A very pretty top by Agnes. She didn't want anything fancy done, "just turn it into a functional quilt" she said! So I used my Square Spiral panto pattern for the first time and I really liked it!

The back.

Another by that great grandmother.

Oriental Cloud panto - again the first time I've used this panto as well. With this almost rare opportunity to do pantos I've taking advantage and used some I've never tried before. So far I've really liked them all.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 Quilts

This is a beautiful quilt by Louise. She brought me photographs of how she wanted this quilted, that I could kind of see the quilting on! Hopefully I got it close enough that she will be happy with it!

A sweet baby quilt by Jonie - used "Angel Wings" panto
Another quilt from Jonie, some teenager is going to love this! Used "Windy Meandering" panto.

And finally - my last two polyester quilts from the "collection".

This last poly quilt actually had thin enough fabric that I was able to do a panto on it - "Surf's Up".

I'm finally catching up - after being out of town twice in the past month as well as having the worst cold/flu I've had in my life....things are getting back to where I feel like I'm kind of in control again!