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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7 quilts

A striking quilt by Vicki with an E2E quilting design.  Gremlins are turning my photos again.

 A really pretty quilt by Louise.  There are 3-dimentional white pieces in the center that I left unquilted so they would stand out.  She did a wavy binding (with piping) on the outside.  I haven't seen it completely done, but it sounds beautiful.

Another quilt by Vicki.  I've done one similar to this one for my niece awhile back and just loved it. 

A quilt with a cool story by Brittany.  She and her sister went and did humanitarian aide out of country when they graduated from high school.  They made these hand print blocks of all the kids they were working with then.  The blocks have sat for about 5 years, and Brittany is now making them into a quilt for her sister's wedding.  Isn't that the coolest. 

Another pink and green sampler quilt by Louise.  Louise loves these colors and is the queen of samplers :)

Love these colors Irene choose for this quilt.  The panto gives it the neatest texture.

Last, but not least, a Christmas quilt by Ruth.  I used metallic thread for the first time on this quilt...took awhile to get the hang of it, how to keep it from breaking, but finally figured it out.  It's a super busy quilt, with some sparkly fabrics, so some of the quilting elements, and the metallic thread in the center of the quilt didn't really stand out much, but it is still a really fun quilt to look at. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy July 4th

 A great quilt by Lori.  Love how this one turned out - sometimes everything clicks, love it when that happens ;)

Another fun July quilt by Michelle.