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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meeting cyber friends

I spend some time almost every day online researching quilting ideas.  There is one longarm quilting site that is a particular favorite of mine.....quilters from all over the world share their work, ideas, and help each other with questions and problems.  Many of these gals have become online friends of mine over the past years that I've been doing this.  Last weekend I got to meet one of these cyber-friends, Deborah.  She lives fairly close to one of my daughters and while we were visiting our family, I swung by Deborah's home to buy some micro handles from her that she wasn't using and I wanted.  What a talented and lovely person.  She has one of those stories that teaches you not to give up, she almost quit longarming a few years back, but then things turned around for her and now she's quilting for a national quilt designer and also is in the process of putting out her own book.  (She let me look at her drawings for her pretty - I can't wait to buy it!)  She was a good sport and let me get a photo of the two of us :)

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