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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 quilts

 A sweet quilt by a little girl taking a sewing class -- the next quilting generation!

 This fun quilt is going to an elderly lady in Germany who became a "grandma" to a returned missionary in our ward.  Lori did a great job on this...her quilts are always so fun and colorful.  I love how the quilting in the plain solid blocks turned out.

 This quilt is by Vicki.  I've told her she needs to design and market her quilts.  She makes them up and they are usually very cool.  It was a bit tricky to do my panto around those big 3-dimensional flowers, but we got 'er done!

Below is a fun baby quilt for Louise's grandson.  I don't know how she puts out as many quilts as she does, so prolific.  Louise asked for clouds between the airplanes -- sounds easy?  I really stressed over making a cloud that didn't look goofy.  
Another fun quilt by Lori.  I hope the quilting shows up here, I quickly had to take this photo before she left with the quilt -- didn't have time to make sure the light caught the quilting correctly.  

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  1. Your clouds turned out just fine. :) Great quilts.