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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lone Star Quilt

 A very pretty Lone Star quilt by Lynn.  She is such a great piecer, points all match, everything is square and flat- makes my life much easier!
This is my newest favorite back ground filler in the light areas.  It's a take off of McTavishing, and I think much prettier.  I gave the inside border and the stars some quilted borders to set them off a bit from the fill work.  If you look close at the solid black border I quilted diagonal lines and filled in every other one which I love the subtle effect that gave that border - the inside quilting and larger outside border are so busy I wanted something more peaceful in that black border - yet something that was interesting.  

This is your standard treatment of a lone star, it's used often because it's a great way to quilt it.  It is possible to jazz it up with various stitch patterns, but I thought there was enough going on in the quilt already without doing anything more than this
I did piano keys in this busy large border.  If it was a solid fabric feathers would have been pretty, but on this fabric anything swirly would have been lost.  A lot of work for me as well as extra money for the quilt owner that would have been a waste in my opinion.  A very pretty quilt, Lynn!!

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