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Saturday, June 23, 2012

8 Customer Quilts

 These first two were brought to me by Virginia.  They are whole clothes that she asked me to quilt as well as bind for her.  I don't get a whole lot of requests to bind quilts, though it happens occasionally.  The bottom leaf one I enveloped so that didn't take very long, but the top one (which there were actually 2 quilts just like that) was done with a traditional binding where I hand stitched it to the back.  I make sure they realize that's pretty time consuming and that I charge by the hour for that.  No one ever complains about the price, perhaps I should raise my rates? 

 These next pictures are from a sampler quilt by Linda.  There were 30 blocks in this quilt!!  I did take pictures of all of them, but will only include several here that were unique to me...I'd never seen these blocks before, so that was kind of fun. 

 This next quilt was made by Louise...I actually did it for her some months ago but noticed that I didn't have a picture of it on her order form, so she brought it to our last quilt guild meeting so I could take a photo of it.  I didn't remember which quilt it was until I saw it, and now I think I did take photos of it at the time, not sure if I ever posted it here, wonder why it didn't make it onto my form?  I especially like the border treatment I came up with on this one.  Well, it's a pretty quilt and if this is a repeat - it's a good one to repeat. :)

 The quilt above was posted in my last group of quilts, but here Louise has now sewn on all the scout patches of her husband's into the center of the blocks....I thought that was worth including here.
The quilt under here is a "beer" quilt again.  Actually it's Royal Crown" liquor fabric bags that have been collected and sewn into a quilt.  In a small Utah town like I live in, it's almost funny that this is the 2nd one of these that I've gotten in!
 These last 2 quilts are by Sue.  I love them...the first one is just luscious with the beautiful fabrics she used, and the last one is so vibrant.  I believe they both are baby quilts, though not your typical ones for sure!  Sue always leaves it up to me how to quilt her quilts, so I did custom on the first one and an E2E on the 2nd one. 

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