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Monday, June 18, 2012

The latest creations by customers

 These first two are by Louise.  A wall hanging and a scout quilt that she's going to sew her husband's scouting badges into the white center blocks...hope my husband doesn't see this!
 The one above and the two below are by Sue.  Some cute baby quilts.

 Wall hanging by Connie

 A family quilt by Ann.  This was challenging to figure out the quilting design...lots of empty space, and lettering that just didn't want to show up. 
 This cute strawberry minkee quilt was for my new little granddaughter, Molly.  Ashley sent me the fabric and asked me to make a simple quilt out of it. 
A number of quilts coming in for family reunions.  this one by Vicki is one of those.

 these last four photos are by Sheri.  She makes these up....has a real knack for it.  Cute!

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  1. Wonderful, as always. They are all great in their own way. Personally, I just love the color combinations in the last four pictures. The strawberry quilt will be so soft and cuddly.