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Friday, January 30, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

Well, wouldn't you know - I just realized that the first 3 pictures posted here were taken BEFORE I'd quilted this 12 Days till Christmas quilt. (I couldn't tell that when I was downloading them!) Evidently, I don't have good pictures of this after it was all done. Another quilt that I had done several years ago and had waited until some quilting angel inspired me to do something wonderful with it. It's a beautiful design and very fun to look at, I can't take credit for that!
I ended up ordering a special book to learn how to do "McTavishing" which is the quilting design I used in the white areas. A beautiful technique for filling in areas, but tricky and takes practice! I was very pleased with my first attempt at it though on this quilt. I crosshatched the green sashing areas. Thought I'd kill myself before I finished with that - sounded easy! NOT! Definitely an easier way to do that (which I now know and didn't use then :) I did a vine and leaf design in the outer red border - was not happy with how that turned out, I'm much better at that type of thing now, but didn't have the control I really needed for good results at the time and it bugs me now. Someday I'll load this quilt back on my machine and redo that area! Again, I entered this into a local showing and surprisingly enough, did amazingly well, came home with a lot of ribbons! I really need to take some better pictures of this quilt - some day.....

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  1. Ok, I just decided that I am coming for a visit/lesson on quilting from the pro. Look at your calendar and let me know when.