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Friday, January 30, 2009

In the beginning....Bible Quilt

My first post, on my brand new blog (that my daughter totally had to help me through, step by step, and I still don't know how we ended up here!) But, despite my handicap with most things computer related, this past year I bought a Gammill longarm quilter and have become happily proficient at it. I started taking customer quilts about 6 months ago and I learn something new with each one that I quilt up. I have a few friends and relatives that have been interested in what I am doing so thought this would be a fun way to share what I am creating and learning with those who care to check it out.
This is one of the first quilts that I quilted on my longarm. I made the top a few years ago and it sat, waiting for someone to take pity on it and quilt it. (I had a few of these lonely quilt tops in my closet and had plans to continue adding to them - I enjoyed making tops, but the quilting process took so long that it never seemed to happen. Thus my eventual interest in getting a longarm machine.) This is a bible quilt, obviously each block represents a story from the good book. Since I was still figuring out how different quilts should be dealt with, I made the error of just quilting an all-over pattern on this. Actually, not a bad choice since it's a busy quilt, but I entered it in a local show and the judges didn't like that I hadn't done custom quilting. Live and learn. I did get an award from the chamber of commerce for their favorite quilt though! Unfortunately, I didn't take good pictures of this, I've since learned how to hang the quilt in my living room, during the morning, getting side lighting so the quilting shows up. Like I said, I'm learning new things all the time! But decided to start at the beginning which includes newbie issues!
This is actually the second time I've pieced this quilt - I made it for my youngest daughter, Ashley, as part of her wedding trousseau. It was unique and fun, so decided to make one for myself a few years later.

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  1. I want to know more about this Bible quilt and would also like to feature it on my blog at Please contact me. I'm always on the lookout for Bible story quilts.