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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Quilt retreat & catching up

 Our quilt guild has a quilting retreat every summer at Agnes's cabin.  I've never gone until this year.  I usually just keep my nose to the grind stone and wish I could go.  This year I decided I was going! There were 8 of us (well 9 to begin with, but one of the ladies fell down the stairs - ouch! - and went home.  Last I heard she was doing better.) 
 We spent 3 days working on our own projects that we brought, eating, and gabbing (some doing more gabbing than others!)  That empty chair on the right is my spot :)
The "cabin" (it looked like a cabin from the outside, but was a very nice home on the inside),was a delight to stay in.  I got so much done - I haven't worked on my own quilt top in ages, it was really nice to get away from every day responsibilities and just sew.  My very first quilting retreat was a success.

Please read on to the next 3 posts.  I had 45 quilts that I had quilted for customers that I'm finally getting put on to the blog here.  Since there were so many I divided them into 3 different posts so I hopefully wouldn't have technical issues!  Happy viewing :)

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