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Saturday, June 14, 2014

18 Quilts in the 3rd of a 3 Post Series

 By Brenda
 By Gina
 By Elynn (she asked me to just SID the center)

 By Frances
 By Frances

 By Sue
 By Agnes

 By Roberta (if you will watch, you will see 3 of these star quilts done by Roberta, she had an old star quilt that was hand quilted this way, and she asked that I do all of the ones she was bringing me this same way.)
 By Cristi
 Barbara (I have to tell the story of this "Lord's Prayer" quilt.  Barbara did not make it,  it was made  by a little older woman who is now in a nursing home.  It is a "postage stamp" quilt, all one-inch squares, all hand pieced.  This sweet little woman worked on it for years, and Barbara brought it to me to finally get it finished.  The time that went into this is amazing.)

 By Roberta
 By Connie
 By Virginia

 By Virginia


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