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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Edge - to - edge quilting

 I've recently had several inquiries from people wanting to know where they could go to see photos of my quilting.  I gave them this blog's address, but got to thinking what a mish mash it was of my work.  In an effort to put some sort of organization  into it, I'm going to try and group E2E quilts in separate posts from my custom work, then I can tag them into separate labels.  Thus hopefully making it easier for someone to find the kind of quilting they might be interested in and see samples of my quilting in that category.  I've only had 3 'all-over' quilts in this last group, so here they are. 

The above quilt belongs to Agnes and was quilted with "Surf's Up" pantograph.
The next quilt is Vicki's and I used the "Leaf Pile" panto.
 The third and last quilt is from Carry, and has the "Popcorn" panto pattern.

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