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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Custom Quilting (11 quilts)


This first quilt is by Linzi...a first time quilter.  She had some definite ideas on how she wanted it quilted...hopefully I got it right (she's picking it up tomorrow)!
 These next 6 pictures are actually 3 different quilts; 2 by Sue and 1 by Brenda. This was from a group block exchange and I also have a set of these pumpkin blocks, but heaven only knows when I'll get them sewn together into a quilt. Sue had the first 2 quilts and I quilted each of them differently.  Brenda left it up to me on how to quilt hers (which the vast majority of my customers do), and I liked the 2nd quilt of Sue's the best, so I used that quilting design on Brenda's as well.  

 Two fun witch quilts, the purple one by Lori and the orange one by Sue. 

 Another sampler quilt from a local class. I neglected to get a photo of the entire quilt....just a few of the blocks.  It was a very pretty quilt.

 Another fun Halloween quilt, this one by Louise.

 A beautiful wall sampler quilt by Louise.  She will be teaching this quilt at our local fabric store.

 Another sampler quilt, this one by Carry.

 And the final quilt for this posting, Tom Turkey, by Lori.

 For fun I quilted Thanksgiving related words in the orange border.

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