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Thursday, August 16, 2012

13 quilts

 I keep telling myself that I need to do this once a week so I don't get such a back-log.  But here I am again....with a back-log, and as usual - sifting through photos and work orders trying to remember who did which quilt!  But quilts are like children to me, give me a moment and I remember who they belong to!    The baby quilt above is by Agnes.  Agnes could open up her own fabric store with her stash...I seriously have never seen so much fabric owned by one person.  She could sew quilts for 2 more life times and not use it up :) 
 A simple 2-sided minke by Tracy.  These are sure popular right now.  She had me envelope it for her and then do an all-over stipple.
 A fun baby quilt by Candare.  I adapted a commercial panto (took out the snowflakes and substituted leaves) to make the quilting more appropriate to the theme of the quilt.  She had me wrap the minke around to the front for a simple binding. 
 Baby quilt by Louise for an upcoming grandchild.  Look below to see the quilting design ""Popcorn".

 A custom quilting design on this wall hanging by Diane.  I love it when the back looks as neat as the front!

 Oops, pictures out of order here.  The top is below and the back is on top.  Another quilt by Agnes.  Agnes likes her quilts soft, no tight and close quilting for her, so I always have to really control myself!
 This next quilt belongs to Diane.  She brought me the embroidered blocks and all the fabric and a picture of how she wanted the quilt constructed and asked me to piece it, quilt it, and bind it.  I don't get requests like this very often, I spend so much time at my LA that actually putting together a quilt was a fun change of pace for me. 

 A very modern quilt by Tenisha.  This fairly new trend in quilts has been on the quilting boards lately, discussions by other LAers talking about how to quilt them and how many are showing up recently.  I thought this was an interesting combination....the modern quilt with a beautiful old, almost Moroccan style design for the quilting.  Some of the fabric in the quilt had this feel in it.  I love it!

 This next quilt is a tied quilt by Crystal.  She just needed someone to bind it for her - another wrap the minke around from the back and machine sew it down.  I'm here to serve :)  This top was pieced out of bandanas!  How cool is that?  A super soft and cuddly quilt. 
 A sweet baby quilt by Kassie.  With the over-sized rick rack sticking out I had to semi-custom it.  Did an all-over swirl design in the center but then had to treat the border separately. 
 These next two baby quilts are by Louise.  She will be selling them at Shirley's if anyone is in the market to buy a quilt.  Louise's quilts are always beautifully done. 
 "Popcorn" panto
 ""Daisy Bounce" panto

 This last quilt is by Ruby, and it just came off the frame yesterday.  This was a fun one to design a custom quilting look for.  She wanted light custom (less expensive) so there wasn't any SID in it which would have been nice to anchor the edges of some of the pieces down, but over all I think it turned out really fun!

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