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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Many A (group B is after this so keep reading down.)

I love, Love, LOVE this quilt by Nancy.  I told her I want to borrow the pattern and make one of these some day. 
We discussed how cool it would be if the green was trapunto, but neither she nor I really had much experience with that, but in the end, the way I quilted it - it looks like it was!!  So, win-win!!
This has been the month for baby quilts - this one by Lynette
with "stars and loops" panto
Two quilts by Brenda, the same quilt pattern, but one done with a Christmas theme and the other with a Fall theme.   "Holly Berries" panto in the center with two custom borders.
Here's the Fall one,
"Leaf Pile" panto with two custom borders
A fun Halloween quilt by Agnes which she plans to put on her table for the month of Oct.
I googled "bats" and found a picture that I was able to sketch off and use for the border.
Fun pieced backing for the halloween quilt.  Some of my customers are real creative with their backs and left over fabrics :)
This is the Christmas quilt from above, somehow it ended up down here....don't ask me why.

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  1. Computers that lock up need to be drop kicked, except that it would hurt too much. (Mine locks up every time I use Photo*shop.) Beautiful quilts and quilting. You have been really busy. Glad you posted.