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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

9 quilts

This is a quilt I made for Blake and Sarah's wedding......which was a month ago and I just finally got it finished.  They're lucky to be getting it this quickly, I had to literally shoe-horn it into my schedule, but I finally managed to finish it!
A cute baby quilt by Ages
Another cute baby quilt by Agnes...really like the textured blocks, different.
A third quilt by Agnes, a guys type quilt this time (Agnes is working at catching up on her UFOs).
This is the back...I really like the border design I came up with on this one, wasn't sure if I'd like it - but it's cool.
These next 3 quilts are all the same pattern, just different colors, by Sarah....getting Christmas quilts ready for grandkids.
A super nifty baby quilt by Kassie - she said she made it up....never seen a Dresden plate this large, it is unique.  she's a young gal, kind of new to quilting and she's done some very fun things! Love it!
A second fun little baby quilt by Kassie - look at those cute ruffles (she had her baby last week). 

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  1. Heavens, you've been busy. The quilt you made is so dramatic. Beautiful. Hope the newlyweds realize how lucky they are. :) The other quilts are really, nice, too. Thanks for posting pictures of the backs. The backs are as interesting as the fronts.