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Friday, July 29, 2011

8 quilts

Playing catch up again
Next two photos are Sheri's quilt.  She was asked to put this together for a male family member, it's made from shirts of his and she had sayings and images embroidered on some of the blocks of things he says and enjoys.  She was wise to stabilize the backs of the blocks since most of the fabrics are knits, so that helped tons, but some were quite bulky and the intersecting seams were hard to quilt over in areas.  She asked for simple and masculine, think it turned out nicely.

The next 6 photos are of 3 quilts that Louise was commissioned to put together for someone.  They will all be wall hanging.  Louise didn't care how they were quilted, so this first one I used a leaf panto on.

The second I did a pine tree panto.

The last, and larger one, had a farm motif and I didn't have any pantographs with that theme, so I ended up doing a simple custom on it.

Crystal is fairly new to quilting and I'm excited she asked me to quilt this since she kind of runs one of our local fabric stores.  She wanted bear claws quilted as an all-over.
I looked on line and couldn't find a panto that I could buy with bear claws that I liked, so I had to be creative and invent my own.  I'll have to do a posting sometime on what I did here, I'm quite excited about my little 'invention'.

The next two quilts are Sarah's - future Christmas gifts for grandchildren.  Someone is being organized and planning for the holidays already!  Did whirlys on the first...

and Chantilly lace on the second.

A wedding quilt for a daughter-in-law by Sue. 
Did 'Water world' panto in the center and custom treatment on the two outside borders.

the back, you can see the border treatments better here.

the center panto pattern.

I keep thinking I need to keep up better with posting, but I never seem to.  It finally reaches the stage where I'm afraid I'm going to forget who made each quilt (since I need these pictures to put on  my customer's work-orders).  So this blog is kind of feast or famine ----nothing, nothing, nothing, then many.

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