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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Actually piece a top?

Having a dandy thunder storm.  We're not supposed to plug in our longarm machine during thunderstorms, fear of power surges that could really mess up these expensive pieces of equipment.  So, maybe I'll actually have some free time to work on a quilt top for my niece's wedding.  Don't get much time these days to work on that end of a quilt, looking forward to it :)

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  1. Okay, Miss Miriam. I'm (figuratively) standing with my hands on my hips (gently, gently) scolding you. You didn't plug in your longarm, but you are on your computer?

    My husband works way too many extra hours fixing fried computers after a thunderstorm. The extra income is great, tho!

    Turning off a surge protector or power strip is turning off any protection you might have.

    Best recommendation: During a storm - even a nasty wind storm in the winter - completely unplug telephones (that use electricity), TVs, video equipment, computers, monitors, microwaves, stereos, or anything else that could be damaged - including refrigerators and deep freezers. (We don't undo our refrig or freezer, because getting to the plugs would be an all day project.) In a bad thunderstorm, even heavy duty surge protectors often get fried. (One actually caught fire at an office where I was working.)

    People laugh when we tell them this, but we have personally had two TVs and a VCR ruined. Also, since my husband works with electronics all the time, he knows what happens when there is a brown down or surge. So, when someone doesn't follow our recommendations, we sit back and wait for the phone to start ringing.

    Lecture over. Hope you enjoy your down time and get lots don't on the quilt top.