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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sunbonnet Sue and Stack-n-Wack

 Oops, these WERE turned, don't know why they loaded sideways here.  Very cute quilt by Vicki.  The cross hatching takes forever, but I love how the sashing turned out, and that went pretty quickly. 

 This stack-n-wack was pieced by an older woman who is almost blind.  Remarkable that she did as well as she did.  There was a lot of extra fullness in the center and I had to use every trick I've ever learned to ease it all in.  Some of my quilting choices were dictated by what I could or couldn't do because of that fullness, I would have done the green areas differently on a flat quilt - but I'm delighted that it turned out as good as it did. 

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  1. Both of these are really nice. (The sunbonnet quilt is so "happy"!) Love the stitching you did on them.