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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3 quilts

May I just mention, again, that I hate computers :)  Froze up on me while loading the pictures and when I resumed, it put them all out of order.  (I hate cars too, but since I don't want to be without either, I'll just deal with it.) 
Here are a portion of the blocks from Louise's quilt (the rest are scattered later in the post).  This quilt just screamed to be quilted this's a bit of work, but I really enjoyed it.

Crystal's quilt
I really like how the border turned out.
Connie's quilt
the rest of Louise's quilt


  1. These are beautiful! BTW, Blogger and Facebook are having issues today. SO frustrating.

  2. Fabulous quilts - I love the different treatments you have given the applique blocks - inspirational!