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Friday, April 8, 2011

4 quilts

Here is a minor miracle - this is a quilt that I actually made....don't know when the last time was I managed this! Ashley asked me to make this for Kinsey over a year ago and I finally, FINALLY got it done. (Ash threatened me that if I didn't have it done by Kinsey's birthday that she was going out and buying something!) She wanted minimal quilting, pretty much just outlining most of it...had to do more in the green area because it was too large of a space to leave unquilted - went with the crosshatching because I thought it would give a even consistency but not detract.Notice the little upside down heart - I did that on purpose....there was a secret message there :)
A stunning bed runner by Carla --- love, Love, LOVE it!
the outside border has a seaweed pattern quilted into it and the light blue border, waves. Carla bought these fabrics in Hawaii and it will be a gift for her sister who lives there.

Those little squares are less than an inch wide, we didn't want any stitching over them to detract from the beautiful fabrics, so I just SID in a stair step path following the colorways up.
These next two quilts were made by two sister-in-laws who went together on a quilting cruise -- how fun would that be??! This first one was a mystery quilt ~ I really like the fabric, so fun and colorful. She wanted a multi colored thread with an all over treatment.

the back.
See the spiderweb pieced in the center - they have a beautiful spider pin that will be attached later.


  1. All - absolutely beautiful. Your ability to pick the appropriate quilting (stitching patterns) is amazing. Again, Kinsey's quilt is darling.

  2. You are amazing. Love Kinsey's quilt!