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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

5 quilts + gift

Do you have trouble with your sewing scissors? Someone uses them to cut paper (or a cardboard box, groan!) For years I used the orange handled Fiskars, they were fine, and if someone broke the rules and used them for something other than fabric, it wasn't a huge disaster....once they were dull enough that I wanted to swear whenever I tried to cut fabric with them, they got relegated to the craft box and I gritted my teeth as I shelled out money for a new pair for my fabric. It's been less of an issue since my kids are out of the house, and hubby has learned to ask if he's using the correct scissors. was beginning to be time to invest in a new pair. My sister has a reputation for being a great gift giver, she lived up to it this year with a pair of Gingher scissors showing up for my birthday. I've never owned such a nice pair, and never really thought I would - I used them for the first time a couple of days ago and they slid through the fabric like a hot knife through butter.....what a dream :) Thank you, Carole, and if anyone even looks at a piece of paper with these in their hands - the consequences will be drastic!
Quilt by Louise

I love doing quilting like this, it's so beautiful.

Quilt by Kassie.

Quilt by Agnes

Two quilts by Devona


  1. Great quilts. Super gift!

    The scissors story sure sounds familiar. Last fall, Jo*Ann was having a sale on cutting equipment, so I bought myself a pair of Ginghers. Have only used them once, but they are wonderful. Oh, and they are hidden so well that I might not be able to find them...