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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quilts and excuses

I really have been quilting this summer - not that you can tell by my blog! If you don't know, we have been building a new house and that has really occupied my attention, then add to it that, yes it is summer and yard work now has to be done, and getting our old home sold (done!), I'm afraid that documenting the quilts that have come through hasn't taken high priority - I've even had a number go through that I didn't even take pictures of. We're supposed to move into the new house the end of this month, so hopefully after we get settled, fall hits and yard work goes away, and my attention can refocus on the really important things of life (one being quilts!), I'll do a better job posting here! (BTW, I'm going to have a lovely new quilting room at the new house, I'll be sure to do a posting on it when I'm up and running there !)

I didn't take the time to try and get pictures of these quilts that show the quilting well. That sometimes takes me awhile and I just didn't have the time to do it. This is a really nice quilt that a gal made for her father who was just retiring. (I just noticed that if you click on this picture for a close up - you can see some of the wording I quilted into it.)
A very fun and colorful quilt for a wedding gift. The edges of all the inside squares are raw so I had to do custom so I could make sure not to fold over any of those edges accidentally.

Look at this - an actual picture where you can see some of the quilting!
Another quilt for a wedding gift (tis the season!)

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  1. How you have managed to do these (and more)... it is amazing! Glad to hear your house sold. I was just wondering. :)