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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here are 3 quilts that I've worked on the past 2 weeks. The first two are polyester ones from the collection from the one family I'm still working on.

People always seem really intrigued with the quilting on the back when it shows up as well as these have. I'm asked how I come up with the unique designs. Well, I don't! The quilt top kind of tells me what to do (within the boundaries that the quilt owner gives me), and the back is always a surprise - I never know what it's going to look like until I'm finished, take it off the machine, and turn it over and look!

This 3rd quilt is a top that was just given to a woman who doesn't sew. She asked me to take it and turn it into a quilt for her. So I had to go buy the backing fabric, sew it to fit, quilt, make and attach the binding. She had simple tastes for the quilting design, so it isn't what I would have really chosen to do - but the customer is boss.


  1. Super, as usual. I like the last quilt with its simplicity. Another quilting design might have been more stunning, but since I'm not good at visualizing... Must be the artistic talent you have. :)

  2. Very clever quilting designs on the first 2 quilts Miriam - I love them, and I love the backs too.