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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bull's Eye Quilt

This is the largest quilt I've quilted to date, it's 100 x 120 - when I had to turn it the long way on my machine to do the last two borders, it almost didn't fit! This quilt belongs to my daughter, Tara. It was a quilt block swap that she decided she wanted to participate in (and then asked me if I'd do it for her! :) ) I was happy to! I'd never made one of these before, so it was fun. The edges of the circles are raw, which was different, and because the circle segments are done by different people, they don't all match, but after doing a little research I learned that's part of the design element, so I quit stressing over it! It'll be fun to see this quilt later down the road when the circles have had a chance to fray and fuzz up a bit! Hope she's happy with the finished project!

That looks like a tuck in the backing fabric on the above picture, but it isn't! As a side note, this is the second quilt that I applied the binding with my longarm - works great! A heck of a lot easier than struggling with such a large quilt on my regular sewing machine!


  1. It looks good! Now, next family project for you is to do a twin quilt for Kinsey :) JK...well Kinda, I do want one...but probably not for a year! And if I have a girl next, I probably will want two that match....yea for you being my mom!!! :) :) :)

  2. Hmmm. Interesting design. I like all the different colors, but I'm contemplating the raw edges... Gorgeous quilting job.

  3. What a cool quilt. I like the idea of the raw edges.

  4. I don't think I knew that Tara was a quilter. I don't think I knew she was a sewer either. Hurray for another generation of sewing women in the family!